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Following perfection in combination with innovation, we phase in ourselves as OFFURS – OFFICE FURNITURE & RESIDENTIAL SOLUTIONS.
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As a team of enthusiastic and innovative individuals, OFFURS leads in setting high standards in pre and post installation services and quality. OFFURS comprises of ingrained ability in understanding spaces and transforming a void shell into a dream office & residence.

Established in the year 2016 – we are delivering every project as a challenge to meet the expectations of our clients and to offer best possible solution at reasonable cost with best of our services to maintain a healthy association as long as possible.

We emphasize extraordinary workmanship and utilize mix of traditional technique and cutting edge fabrication processes to achieve highest standards of precision and durability.

Our aim is to change typical definition of office & residence into a lively and joyful space, meeting all functional requirements of clients, keeping all bare minimum necessities of their users with elements of system furniture in mind. We are focused on developing new product line to offer latest solution to our clients.


Sitting whole day at your desk may lead to several health issues and stress to the user, to get rid of this we have HEIGHT ADJUSTABLE DESK in our Product Line. User’s may adjust the height of the table while working which helps the user to work in different postures, this way users body remain active and reduces the chances of health issue’s and stress.



It is the degree to which a systems components may be separated and recombined. We make furniture in modules which can be dismantled and re-assembled.


Furniture should be firm and stable, to achieve this we have developed Dye Casted Brackets and other small components to joint one module with another that helps in making a furniture stable.


A piece of furniture is incomplete if it does not have provision for wire management, Our products are designed in such a manner that wire management becomes part of the design.


It is the process of designing or arranging products so that they fit the people. Our products are designed keeping ergonomics in mind to make user feel comfortable.